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Wicked Fun

Women Super villain Set Women Super Villain Set with jacket Wig Leggings Gloves

Women Super villain Set Women Super Villain Set with jacket Wig Leggings Gloves

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Conditiom; New 

Brand; Wicked Fun 

Item Type; Women Super Villain Set 

Main Colours; Red&Blue 

SIZE; Small to XXL 


  • Seductive Women's Super Villain Set: Unleash your inner supervillainess with this captivating ensemble featuring a sleek wig, fierce bat gloves, and alluring leggings – perfect for making an unforgettable entrance! 
  • Empower Your Evil Persona: Crafted for those who embrace their dark side, this set empowers you to exude confidence and charisma as you step into the shoes of a cunning and stylish female supervillain. 
  • Show-Stopping Wig: Transform your look instantly with the included wig that boasts intricate details and vibrant hues, ensuring your villainous alter ego commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. 
  • Versatile Bat Gloves: Whether you're plotting world domination or simply out for a night of chaos, the intricately designed bat gloves not only add an edgy touch but also offer comfort and flexibility for your mischievous escapades. 
  • Daring Leggings for Ultimate Villainy: The form-fitting leggings feature a striking blend of dark aesthetics and bold design elements, allowing you to strike fear into the hearts of heroes while maintaining the allure of a true super-villainess. 

Unlock your inner femme fatale with this Amazon SEO-optimized women's super villain set, designed to captivate and conquer in style.  


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