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Halloween Long Devil Fork - 110cm (4 Pcs) - Scary Party Prop

Halloween Long Devil Fork - 110cm (4 Pcs) - Scary Party Prop

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Elevate your Halloween decorations and create a spooky atmosphere with our Halloween Long Devil Fork set. This set includes four 110cm (43.3 inches) devil forks, perfect for turning your space into a chilling haunted scene. The classic trident design with a devilish twist is sure to send shivers down spines. These party props are made of durable plastic, making them a safe yet eerie addition to your Halloween party, haunted house, or themed event. Make a lasting impression and give your guests a taste of the underworld with these long devil forks.

Key Features:

  • Set of Four: Get four long devil forks in one set, ensuring you have enough for your Halloween display.
  • Scary Design: The classic trident design with a creepy twist adds a sinister vibe to your decorations.
  • Spooky Decor: Perfect for Halloween parties, haunted houses, costume events, and other spooky occasions.
  • Durable Material: Made of sturdy plastic, these forks are safe and can withstand use throughout the Halloween season.
  • Party Atmosphere: Create a chilling and eerie atmosphere for your guests and trick-or-treaters.
  • Large Size: Each fork measures 110cm (43.3 inches) for a striking and dramatic effect.

Whether you're setting up a haunted house, hosting a Halloween bash, or just want to make a terrifying statement, this Halloween Long Devil Fork set is your go-to prop to raise the fear factor.

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