The Ultimate Victorian Girl Costume Guide

The Ultimate Victorian Girl Costume Guide

Are you looking to transport yourself back in time to the elegant and refined era of the Victorian era? Dressing up in a Victorian girl costume is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the fashion and style of this bygone era. Whether you're attending a historical reenactment, a themed party, or simply want to embrace your love for all things Victorian, this costume guide will help you create an authentic and stunning Victorian girl ensemble.

1. Start with the Basics: The Dress

The foundation of any Victorian girl costume is a beautiful dress. Look for a dress with a high neckline, long sleeves, and a full skirt. Opt for fabrics like lace, satin, or velvet to add a touch of luxury. Don't forget to choose a dress in a color that was popular during the Victorian era, such as deep burgundy, rich navy, or classic black.

2. Accessorize with a Bonnet

No Victorian girl costume is complete without a bonnet. Choose a bonnet that matches the color and style of your dress. Look for bonnets with delicate lace trimmings, ribbons, and flowers for an authentic touch. Secure the bonnet under your chin with a ribbon to complete the look.

3. Add Some Gloves

Gloves were an essential accessory for Victorian girls. Opt for long gloves that reach above the elbow and choose a color that complements your dress. White or cream-colored gloves are a classic choice, but you can also experiment with darker shades for a more dramatic look.

4. Don't Forget the Shoes

Complete your Victorian girl costume with a pair of appropriate shoes. Look for Mary Jane-style shoes with a low heel. Choose shoes in a color that matches or complements your dress. Black or brown shoes are versatile options that will go well with most costumes.

5. Pay Attention to the Details

It's the little details that truly bring a Victorian girl costume to life. Consider adding accessories like a lace collar, a cameo brooch, or a delicate parasol. These small touches will add authenticity and make your costume stand out.

6. Style Your Hair

Victorian girls often wore their hair in intricate updos or braided styles. Research Victorian hairstyles and try to recreate them using hairpins, ribbons, and hair accessories. If you have long hair, you can also opt for loose curls or waves for a softer look.

7. Embrace the Victorian Makeup

Finish off your Victorian girl costume with appropriate makeup. Victorian girls favored a natural and pale complexion. Use a light foundation and powder to achieve a porcelain-like finish. Add a touch of blush to the cheeks and opt for soft, neutral eyeshadows. Complete the look with a subtle lip color in shades of pink or red.

By following this ultimate Victorian girl costume guide, you'll be able to create a stunning and authentic Victorian ensemble. Whether you're attending a themed event or simply want to embrace the elegance of the Victorian era, your costume will transport you back in time and make you feel like a true Victorian girl.

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