Dress Up and Delight: Children's Santa Claus Costume for a Merry Christmas

Dress Up and Delight: Children's Santa Claus Costume for a Merry Christmas


Make this Christmas unforgettable for your little ones with Labreeze.co.uk's "Children's Santa Claus Costume." This delightful ensemble is designed to bring the magic of Santa Claus to life, allowing your child to embody the jolly spirit of the season. Get ready for heartwarming moments and festive fun with this charming costume.

Description: There's nothing quite like the joy and wonder on a child's face during the holiday season. Make this Christmas extra special for your little ones with our Children's Santa Claus Costume. This adorable ensemble is not just a costume; it's a key to creating magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Product Details:

  • Type: Children's Santa Claus Costume
  • Pieces Included: Red Santa Suit, Santa Hat, Black Belt, Boot Covers, White Gloves
  • Material: High-Quality Fabric
  • Ideal For: Christmas Play, Festive Photos, Holiday Celebrations


  • Classic Red Santa Suit: The centerpiece of this costume is the iconic red Santa suit with white faux fur trim, making your child the mini-version of Santa Claus.
  • Santa Hat: Complete the look with the traditional red and white Santa hat, adding an extra touch of holiday magic.
  • Black Belt: Cinch the Santa suit with the included black belt, ensuring a perfect fit for your little one.
  • Boot Covers: These adorable boot covers fit over your child's shoes, giving them Santa's signature look without needing special footwear.
  • White Gloves: The costume set includes white gloves for a clean and authentic Santa appearance.

Why Choose Our Children's Santa Claus Costume: Labreeze.co.uk's Children's Santa Claus Costume is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a magical experience for your little one. Made from high-quality fabric, this costume is not only adorable but also comfortable for extended wear. Whether your child is participating in a Christmas play, posing for festive photos, or simply spreading joy, this costume is the perfect choice.

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